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Goa at A Glance

Goa Beaches
The beaches of Goa are the highlights of travel in this state, making Goa the premier beach vacation destination.

Goa Culture
The people of Goa love to sing and dance. Songs and dance are part of every Goan's life.

Goa Tourism
One of the best destination in India. Goa presents an ideal profile to tourism in india.

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Goa Tourism


Goa India is one of the famous destinations in the world, which is most popular for its costal, sun kissed sandy beaches. Plan your holidays in Goa at Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangute beach, and other beaches those are the most attractive and frequented spots in Goa. In fact, Goa is almost synonymous with beaches. Send us online enquiry to book your beach resort in Goa and get the maximum discount from us. Enjoy your stay on beaches !!!


Aguada Fort
The old monuments, now in ruins due to neglect, disuse, vandalism and natural destruction, are mute testimony to the joys and sorrows, and colourful and dark events of a bygone era. Some are awesome in sheer __ more ...

Architecture Church
Goa offers an astoundingly rich architectural heritage to visitors. The extensive excavations and preservation efforts carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India have brought to the fore and restored remnants of ages __ more ...

Art Kala Academy
The Kala Academy of Goa, a state-sponsored autonomous organization, was set up in 1970 to revive and enrich the long traditions of Goan Art and Culture spanning over 2000 years. The Academy's aims __ more ...

Carnival Shigmo
Every year around March the streets of Panjim come alive in a spectacle, which in recent years is said to surpass the spirit of the Carnival. Held during the full moon period which marks the beginning of spring, this festival is __ more ...

Caves Sculptures
Numerous caves have been discovered throughout Goa, indicating the presence of human settlements. Some caves were used for residential purpose, some for religious, some for both, while the purpose of some of them is yet to be __ more ...

Christian Seminaries
Also known as Our Lady's Seminary, this minor seminary was built on a hillock close to the village of Saligao in Bardez taluka in 1952, although its construction started in 1937. It is a majestic structure __ more ...

Monthly rainfall distribution data for past 10 years shows that highest rainfall occurs in the month of July while February is the driest month during most of the years. Few showers occur during winter __ more ...
Domestic Architechture
With the emergence of rich landlords and businessmen in the 18th century, Goa witnessed a wave of building activities for domestic purposes reflecting wealth, taste __ more ...

A tiatr is a form of entertainment unique to Goa. Not exactly a drama or a musical drama, it consists of 6 or 7 acts, each of roughly 15 minutes' duration, called podd'dde, which are interspersed __ more ...

Dudhsagar Waterfall
Dudhsagar waterfalls which originates in Karnataka is the highest water fall found in the State of Goa and is within the extremities of the Wildlife Sanctuary. Water cascades from a height of 200 mtr. and splashes into a wide gorge making it milky all along and thus has earned its reputation __ more ...

Fairs Festivals
Other Hindu festivals relate to annual worship and celebration of various temple deities at different Hindu temples spread all over Goa. These are marked by colourful palanquin processions (jatra) and known after __ more ...
Forts Monuments
This fort near the internationally famous Mormugao Harbour was built to protect the harbour situated near the Vasco da Gama town. Its work started in 1624. It covered an area of six miles in circumference, contained towering bulwarks, three magazines, five prisons __ more ...

General Info
Goa, a tiny emerald land on the west coast of India is situated between the borders of Maharastra and Karnataka Goa was under the rule of the Portuguese for over 450 years.The territory of Goa, Daman & Diu was __ more ...

Ghode Modni Dances
Kunbis, the earliest settlers of Goa, are a sturdy tribal community mostly settled in Salcete taluka, who though converted to Christianity, still retains the most ancient folk tradition of the land. __ more ...

Goa Churches
Built in the style of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome in c.1655 AD near the Viceroy's Arch at Old Goa, it is well maintained and a splendid example of Christian architecture. It was built by Italian friars of the Order __ more ...

Goa Medieval
Medieval Goa witnessed intense conflicts for the supremacy over this prosperous and strategically important land by different rulers at different times __ more ...

Goa Temples
Goan temples are unique and stand apart from other Indian temples in their distinct architecture, location, spaciousness, and environment. Almost each and every village has one temple to __ more ...

Goa Travel Tips
Goa is safer for you than most other areas tourists frequent around the world. Violence is rare. Relatively, thefts are lower when compared to some parts of India and the __ more ...

Kala Academy Festival
Throughout the year, the Kala Academy conducts a number of festivals in different fields of arts, which draw famous artists from all over India besides providing local artists unique opportunities to share the stage __ more ...

Goans live life in style. That is in short Goan life style. Rich or not so rich, they do not equate life with money. Goans work and earn and spend in dress, food, entertainment and festivals. Goans love rest __ more ...

Museums Galleries
Museums and art galleries are the treasure troves of incredibly rich cultural heritage of Goa. The collections at various museums and art galleries offer a glimpse of a glorious past. Religious, historical, social and economic __ more ...

Santa Monica
Santa Monica Resort is one-hour drive away from Dabolim airport, 15 minutes from Mapusa and 20 minutes from Panaji (Panjim). The main Calangute Beach is just a 10 minutes leisurely __ more ...

Spring Lakes Waterfalls
Mother Nature has been extremely generous to Goa and has lavishly gifted it with picturesque lakes, springs and waterfalls __ more ...

Tourist Info
Goa is best known as a tourist paradise, both in India and abroad. Lavishly gifted by nature for its scenic beauty, virgin beaches girdling its 105-km long palm-fringed coast interspersed with enchanting coves __ more ...

Wildlife Sanctuaries
Goa is enriched with a fascinating diversity of wild life including birds and mammals. It is estimated that this region harbours some 48 genera of mammals, 276 genera __ more ...

Sun Sand Sea

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